Smart Food Conference

The Food or Beverage Factory Of The Future Will Be Smart, Connected & Collaborative
Big Data – IT – Blockchain – IOT – 4.0

Smart Food Conference will explore the demand for complex data channels through the entire supply chain. The introduction of Blockchain, and Industry 4.0 in the food industry will certainly accelerate accurate information supply, and businesses will need to adapt communication, and review compliances and their stricter adherence to environmental law.

Big challenges face the food industry of the future with world population forecast to reach nine-billion by 2050. Couple this with knowledge that Global warming will add pressure on world food production.

To add further pressure to food manufacturers, many people are likely to be wealthier than they are today, creating further demand for specialised foods which will need to come from closer to home, that will require new and inventive ways for producers to churn out quality food in a much shorter period of time.

Arguably however, it's the issues facing production that threaten to be the most challenging for the global food system. The effects of climate change are likely to accelerate, and competition for land and water also likely to intensify.

So the food or beverage factory of the future will have to be smart, connected and collaborative

Taking all of these market dynamics into account, manufacturers predict increasing the use of automation and robotics to bring more flexible machinery in to efficiently run production lines. Four out of five companies have more than 100 product SKUs and over half predict SKUs will continue to increase, driving the need for faster changeover.

As part of this revolution, food manufacturing is undergoing a digital transformation. Significant advances in technology, including big data and analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and additive manufacturing, are changing manufacturing operations globally.

Smart Food Conference will be at the centre of this revolution and will include seminars’ on the following –

Smart Factories with efficient and fully connected supply chains are critical to manufacturing innovation. Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution – has opened new market possibilities, and expectation, and enabled manufacturers to be more responsive to customer driven trends - intelligent data analysis and evaluation to predict maintenance issues and implement improvements to reduce resources, energy and waste

The Connected Factory – seamlessly integrating machine automation and corporate IT to generate, collect and exchange relevant data
The Collaborative Factory – enhancing the interaction between humans and machines.

From the research conducted to prepare for this conference over half of the food factory personnel interviewed said they will be spending more on capital equipment in the next 12-24 months. And half of the company’s forecast needing processing equipment, while three out of four companies will be looking for packaging equipment. Interestingly, many companies use the same procurement team for processing and packaging equipment utilizing a combination of engineers and central procurement.

A selection of expert speakers will be chosen from professionals across Europe available to Food & Drink Business Europe publication. – Smart Food conference’s Media Partner

Food & Drink Business Europe is the leading senior management magazine, website and newsletter for the food and beverage manufacturing sector throughout the UK & Europe. Over 24,700 copies are mailed to the desks of key decision makers responsible for building and maintaining factories in the following sectors: Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Bakery, Confectionery, Snacks, Ingredients, Convenience Foods, Soft Drinks, Brewing, Distilling, Bottled water etc.

Who will attend Smart Food Conference?

- C Level Executives from –

Food manufacturers

Food processors

Foodservice businesses

Food retailers

Food wholesalers

Supply chain and logistics – food sector
Key Topics Include:

Manufacturing Innovation, Continuous Improvement Tools and Methods, Lean, Sustainability, Software, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Automation, packaging, processing, material handling, robotics, factory optimisation, chilling and refrigeration, Industry 4.0, Compliance. OEE, printing & labelling, , industrial vision, Drives and controls, Process Control & Instrumentation, test& measurement,, Industrial automation, The internet of things, Plant Maintenance, Energy, water and waste reduction, Reducing downtime, improving efficiency, Site transformation, Continuous improvement, Novel processing techniques, project management Energy Reduction, Waste Reduction, Production Optimisation, Warehouse Management, Plant Management, Innovation, , Manufacturing Performance.

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